Network Algorithms and Dynamics (Spring 2017)

Student Projects:

Alexander Loh
A branching process approximation to cascading load-dependent system failure

Xiaojun Shang
Dynamic Graph Partitioning Algorithm

Ke Wen
Influence Maximization in Social Networks

Yishen Huang
Fame and Virality on Twitter

Weiye Hu
Data Center Network Architectures: Jellyfish vs. Fat-tree

Yujia Gu
Rumor Detection in Networks

Siyu Wang
Elevator Scheduling and Performance Analysis

Jingtao Zhu
Greedy & Heuristic algorithms in Influence Maximization

Lin Su
Load Balancing in Data centers

Kun-Yen Tsai
Analysis of Join-the-Shortest-Queue Routing for Web Server Farms

Mehrnoosh Shafiee
Morteza Ashraphijuo
Information Source Detection in the SIR Model: A Sample Path Based Approach

Rubin Shen
Scalable Influence Maximization for Prevalent Viral Marketing in Large-Scale Social Networks

Noah Stebbins
Sequential Monte Carlo Pricing Of American Style Options Under stochastic Volatility Models

Xi Chen
Efficient Influence Maximization in Social Networks

SEIV Epidemic Model& Resource Allocation

Sami Mourad
Sampling of large networks
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Tian Zhang
Influence maximization

Lucy Wang
You Can Run, You Can Hide: The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies
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Han Cui
Greedy Algorithms for Influence Maximization in Social Networks

Lin Su